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Karhu F804033

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Laulujoutsen Pack' (beige / gelb / weiss)

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  • Laulujoutsen Pack / Whooper Swan Pack
  • Pigskin suede upper
  • Mesh details
  • Nylon sockliner
  • Hiking laces
  • Air Deck insole
  • Karhu Fulcrum technology
  • Rubber outsole
  • F804033
  • silver birch/sedona sage
The Karhu Legend collection is designed to honour the brand’s heritage, while curating an assortment modern in its look and feel. Remembering past Karhu models is important for preserving a legacy rich in history. In 1985, Karhu launched the “Trainer.” The pair that caught our attention consisted of soft yellow nylon, light grey suede and a dark grey M-logo. In turn, the colour combination reminded the product team of Finland’s national bird, the Laulujoutsen (Whooper Swan), which has a yellow and black beak.

The Whooper Swan is a greatly admired fowl in Europe. In fact, the bird is so special that it is featured on Finland’s 1 Euro coin. Despite the bird’s large size, it is considered a powerful flier capable of traveling thousands of kilometers during seasonal migrations. To pay homage to the Karhu Trainer and the Whooper Swan, Karhu releases the “Laulujoutsen” Pack.
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