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Reebok x Born X Raised Classic Leather BXR Pack (weiss/beige)
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Reebok x Born X Raised Classic Leather BXR Pack (weiss/beige)

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- Special insole with BornXRaised logo

- BornXRaised logo on lace tips

- Extra laces (black)

white/warm nutmeg/black


BornXRaised was founded in 2012 taking inspiration from the street culture of Venice, California in the 80’s and 90’s. The brand represents the past and present of West Coast culture. BornXRaised capsule references a time when a fresh pair of white classics was the defining accent to your outfit. A good portion of the BornXRaised aesthetic is based on LA’s history. By telling the story of their neighborhood from the inside, they hope to inspire people across the world to look at them as the universal home team brand.

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