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Shoes-Up Magazine Issue 044

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Shoes-Up Magazine - To Your city and beyond
Issue 044
162 pages
French & english text

At a time where Emojis are slowly taking over the places of words on our smartphones, there is a new field that is slowly unveiling itself to the letters, hence, to the words: fashion… Very difficult to find a collection without typography. We’re not talking about a simple logo here; we are talking about sentences, quotes, that become messages that people wear in the streets, with pride. Lovers, poets, cynics these group of words speak for us. No need to open your mouth anymore: just swell out your torso. A new trends that puts writers, typographers or calligraphers on the spotlight, and rightfully so : they treat equally both the shape and the content. Just like a beautiful photograph, a nice looking font can be powerful visually. Shoes Up 044 was the occasion for eleven of them to mess with the alphabet again, from Jacques Villeglé to Ken Barber, without omitting Russian artist Sergey Shapiro. It’s the French artist swiz’s alphabet, we have chosen to put on the cover to illustrate the theme of this issue: Letters.

- Page 32 « Alphabet »
Ken Barber

- Page 54 « In The City »

- Page 58 « Retrospective »
Luca Barcellona

- Page 62 « Brand »
Raised by Wolves

- Page 70 « Artist »
Gregoire Guillemin

- Page 78 « Music »
Itw de Twinsmatic

- Page 84 « Accessories »

- Page 92 « Style »
Steet Look

- Page 102 « Brand »

- Page 106 « Alphabet »

- Page 128 « Alphabet »
Jacques Villeglé

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