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TheSneakersBox - A Guide to Sneaker Culture Book No. 1

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  • TheSneakersBox - A Guide to Sneaker Culture
  • Book No. 1 - 2017/2018
  • Cover by Kwills
  • Preface by Kish Kash
  • 174 pages
  • English text
  • 21 x 15 cm (A5 closed / Softcover)
  • multi
“… Sneaker Culture is spreading and this book that you now hold in your hands is a vital tool which will aid in your exploration into the world of kicks.” – Kish Kash

After years in the making, it is finally ready and with true excitement we bringto you the issue #1 of our book “TheSneakersBox – A GUIDE TO SNEAKER CULTURE”. Six years ago, TheSneakersBox was created with the intention of having a guide to sneaker stores around the world. There was a true necessity of this becoming a reality – all major directories had fallen in the hands of neglect and none proved to be up to date, listing stores that have been closed for quite some time.

The book, at its core, is primarily a sneaker stores guide, but it also offers a look into what goes on in sneaker culture. Events, artists inspired by sneakers, and photography. TheSneakersBox lives footwear. The team is formed by creatives, storeowners, designers, influencers, with a common passion for sneakers bringing all of them together.

- TheSneakerBox Team


- SNEAKERS: rubber soles, mixed uppers, it doesn’t matter, the handful of pictures you’re going to see we hope will get you excited...
(by El Zapatillaz Tio, Jaime Erice, Pierre Margheritta, Thomas Semelliker, Tommy Boudreau, Guillermo Erice, Pierre Faitot, Le Goff Fabrice)

- ARTISTS: their inspiration is footwear, and they manage to take that piece of art and turn it into their own...
(by Kwills, S-Art, Need More, Jaime Erice, Pins, Sole Panda, Phil Toys, El Zapatillaz Tio, Careaux, Tommy Boudreau, Steve Piantoni, JCustom)

- STORES: over 300 of the best sneaker stores worldwide, big and small, with a rich history or young, we like them all…

- EVENTS: a selection of the hottest sneaker events around the world. We had to check them out, here’s what we found out about them…
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