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X-LARGE Cheetah Cameo S/S T-Shirt (schwarz / schwarz) X-LARGE Cheetah Cameo S/S T-Shirt (schwarz / schwarz) X-LARGE Cheetah Cameo S/S T-Shirt (schwarz / schwarz)
X-Large M17B11170001

X-LARGE Cheetah Cameo S/S T-Shirt (schwarz / schwarz)

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  • Classic crew neck t-shirt
  • Front graphic
  • Regular fit short sleeve t-shirt
  • Sewn sleeves and hem
  • 100% cotton
  • M17B1117 / 0001
  • black
X-Large was born in the early 90’s. A brainchild of three friends (Eli Bonerz, Adam Silverman and Mike D of the Beastie Boys) X-Large started out as a clothing store for traditional workwear and deadstock sneakers. Since day one they also carried their own merchandise, namely their signature shirt featuring their classic “Original Gorilla” Logo, which soon became a must have item amongst streetwear aficionados.

Building up on this the brand started opening up X-Large stores in several US cities and even expanded to Japan, where X-Large Tokyo opened it’s doors in 1992. A German X-Large store was located in Cologne.

Musicians and artists like The Beastie Boys, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Estevan Oriol, Spike Jonze and Chloe Sevigny soon made X-Large a 90’s staple.

Being the first street brand to make a connection between Hip hop culture and skateboarding X-Large has always been one of the kings of streetwear, which paved the way for hundreds of brands to come.
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