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X-Large M16B0011201

X-Large True OG Streetwear Book

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  • Lenticular logo cover design by artist Slick
  • Book made in custom 10" x 10" format
  • 241 pages
  • English text
  • M16B001 / 1201
  • white
To celebrate and preserve the history of the brand’s quarter century mark, X-Large teamed up with Rin Tanaka to create “True OG Streetwear”. Best known for his book series “My Freedamn!”, that focuses on different aspects of American vintage culture; Rin provides his unique vision of X-Large’s history through archives, original artwork, extensive collaborations and rare pictures from an era of a counter-culture generation. The book includes a foreword by co-founder Eli Bonerz, contributions from original staff members and iconic figures such as Slick, Ricky Powell, Haze, Estevan Oriol, among others.
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