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X-Large M16Z11081201

X-Large x Sorayama OG Robot Gorilla S/S T-Shirt (weiss / weiss)

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  • X-Large x Sorayama collaboration
  • Classic crew neck t-shirt
  • OG Robot Gorilla print
  • Regular fit short sleeve t-shirt
  • Sewn sleeves and hem
  • 100% cotton
  • M16Z1108 / 1201
  • white
Hajime Sorayama is an artist known world-wide for his works such as SONY’s first generation AIBO and Aerosmith album cover. It’s not exaggerating to say that his “Sexy Robot” series, which he integrated the aesthetic beauty of human body into robots, are 20th century legend. Currently, there are numerous cultural icons such as George Lucas, Stella McCartney, and KAWS who respect his works. By Sorayama’s hand、XLARGE’s gorilla transformed into punkish robot.

This collaboration simply is not just a friendly encounter of street fashion and art. Rather, it might be better to interpret it as a battle in which Sorayama and XLARGE® stick their middle fingers up to each other.” NANZUKA GALLERY Masafumi Nanzuka.

Sorayama specially drew his signature Sexy Robot wearing camisole with printed OG GORILLA for the collaboration.
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